American Missing Mystery Series

American Missing Mystery Series



Earth doesn’t know it yet, but just as ‘no man is an island’, no planet lives in isolation. Every planet emits a vibrational frequency cast into the Universe. This frequency bounces, accelerates, crashes and smashes into other planets. The tiny planet of Htrae sits dead center in the Universe and balances the “vibes” of every other planet. Planet Earth has always been a problem! Recently, her increasing negative vibes are overpowering and threatening the Universe. To save their citizens  The Interplanetary Alliance has ordered Agent Nomrah to destroy Earth. However, Nomrah’s best friend was born on Earth. Sarah’s stories recounting life on the beautiful blue and white planet kept Nomrah sane through their endless days and longer nights in The Palace-Of-Healing. There Nomrah fell in love with Sarah’s beloved Earth. Destroy it? Really?

If she fails, Planet Htrae will die. Sarah’s family will die. Nomrah’s fiancé and friends will die. There has to be an alternative. Hopefully, there is an alternative. Please, let there be an alternative. 

The American Missing Series fuses Mystery, History, Science Fiction, Romance, Cowboy Western, Religion, Politics, and Family Drama. Laugh, Cry, Fall in Love, Reminisce, Think and Solve a Mystery in each book.

Hold on to your hat, grab your reins, catch the murderer, and fix what’s broken.

American Missing Books in The Series

Book 1 American Missing, The Catalyst     Intended Release Date:  December 15, 2016

Book 2 American Missing, Thirty Days Prior     Intended Release Date: December 30, 2016

Book 3 American Missing, The Great Fight

Book 4 American Missing, The Darkness

Book 5 American Missing, After The Darkness

American Missing, The Catalyst Release Date

Expected Release Date: December15,  2016